The term Coin, at least in the context of Ethereum, means nothing else than the cryptocurrency ether. This is, so to speak, the currency behind or in front of the Ethereum project and is considered one of the great success stories in the world of virtual currencies. Shortly after its start, ETH has already become a very successful project and in the course of its existence, the crypto currency has developed no less splendidly. Ether is regarded as the best investment opportunity that one has with crypto currencies.
There are several reasons for this:

As a Miner you have above all an easy access to the crypto currency. If you want to run ETH Mining, all you really need is a suitable computer with sufficient power. Ethereum is always looking for innovative ideas and realizes them. It is one of the first projects that allows users to connect external apps and thus to realize their own solutions in the network. This use is paid for with the users own digital currency, which leads to a constant demand for the coin.

In the area of data processing, the project continues to set new standards and is regarded in the industry and among experts as a currency that has no competition in the area of innovation. In the coming year, innovations are planned that will further enhance the efficiency and the various possibilities of the network.

Is the edition of Ether limited?

This question can be answered with yes and no. Basically, the issue of coins is limited to about 18 million per year and there is also, according to rumours and white papers, a limit. In the long run, however, the self-imposed upper limit will not be able to prevail in practice. At least not if the project continues to be as successful as before. Of course it is planned to spend the ether also in the future only limited.
The reason for this is the tangible interest to keep the inflation of the currency as low as possible and to keep the return of the investors as high as possible. With an oversupply of Coins it is clear that the currency would become more and more worthless. This is why it is so important for developers to limit the output as much as possible and optimized to the needs of the markets. In order to ensure this, measures are taken, which usually result in the completion of tasks simply not being paid as much. That these methods are successful can be seen from Ethereum’s fundamentally stable share prices.

Also in the near future, when the technology will be updated, there will be a restriction of the output. However, it is not yet possible to say for sure how large the maximum amount will be. There are many indications that Miner will continue to be able to do very profitable business in the future and that there will always be sufficient supplies. If more were not paid at all, the Ethereum network would naturally be much less attractive to Miner.

How can you create an Ethereum Coin?

As a Miner it is easy to create a coin. As a trader or investor there is no way to create a coin. All you need for mining is a powerful computer. Usually devices with a high quality graphics card are preferred. The better the performance of the computer is aligned to the demands of the network, the higher the returns of Ethereum Mining.