Electricity price on the exchange continues to fall

Did you know that electricity suppliers charge far too much for electricity? Switching to another supplier can be helpful here. The aim is to reduce the consumer's costs and thus ensure fair payment. By the end of next week, electricity suppliers have to indicate price adjustments for next year. First suppliers have announced a price

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Source of carbon – our earth!

How much CO2 may mankind still emit in order to at least halfway prevent uncontrollable climate change? This question is crucial for planning climate protection measures. How fast does it have to go? By when must CO2 emissions be reduced and by how much? These are questions that experts ask themselves every day. The budget

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New study on renewable energy

According to a study, electricity consumption in Germany is expected to rise sharply by the year 2050. In the future, up to 60 percent of this will come from renewable energies. This would require a switch from oil and gas to electrical energy, for example, to ensure that demand is covered. At least this is

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Brazil stops forest fire fighting

Almost 90,000 fires have been registered in Brazil this year, but the country is still halting fire-fighting efforts. The reason is the lack of financial means for the fire brigade. The fire brigade was withdrawn by the Brazilian environmental authority Ibama and the head of the national centre for the prevention and control of forest

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The dilemma with coal-fired power stations

As GlobalData reports, the coal-fired power plants currently in operation are sufficient to prevent the world from reaching the target of maximum global warming set by the Paris Climate Convention. Currently, according to GlobalData, more than 60% of the larger active coal-fired power plants are located in the Asia-Pacific region. The difference with the coal-fired

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