When physical gold stocks are coming to an end, digital alternatives provide a remedy

Due to the pandemic, the demand for gold is steadily increasing. Due to the virus, some gold mining operations are currently closed down. Digital gold is experiencing a boom, the increasing demand and the lack of supply of gold leads to a rapid growth of the digital version of the precious metal. Tether has thus

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With Finexity: Invest in top properties digitally and easily

Secure material assets are more in demand than ever. Real estate in top locations offers an ideal asset class, especially for security-conscious investors who do not want to forego appreciation in value and steady income. Often attractive real estate projects are reserved for institutional investors only. The block chain technology in combination with digital securities

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H&M uses block chain technology for its own premium brand

COS, the premium brand of the fashion house H&M, cooperates with the block chain platform VeChain to make its own supply chain traceable for customers. H&M has not yet officially confirmed the new partnership, but main investor VeChain is already thinking about how the cooperation could look like in the future. COS was founded in

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A Berlin Blockchain-Startup guarantees with e-recipe a social distance

Social distancing is very necessary in the current situation. It is currently difficult for people who have to see doctors to maintain this. A Berlin start-up company has come up with an e-prescription prototype to help. The Berlin start-up Spherity has developed an identity prototype that is relevant for people who have to take medication

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What is a stable coin?

Stable coins are becoming more and more widespread and are becoming increasingly important as a trading vehicle. But what is a stable coin? Stable Coins promise - according to the German translation - a stable value in digital form. Depending on its orientation, a stable coin can either stand for a certain amount of fiat

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Fight the pandemic with a dApp?

In cooperation with Genobank.io, Telos wants to automate the distribution of anonymous virus test kits using block chain. Automation knows no limits in corona times. In Germany, there is a fierce debate about so-called corona apps. Meanwhile, Genobank.io is creating a company that specialises in the distribution of block chain technology. Telos Foundation announced on

2020-04-16T14:34:53+00:00April 21st, 2020|market news|

Tesla is involved in Blockchain pilot project

CargoSmart Limited introduces a block chain prototype for supply chain management. The US car manufacturer Tesla is one of the partners. Integrating blockchain in supply chain management sounds tempting to many. The technology enables the automatic playback of information that cannot be changed afterwards. For highly automated industries like supply chain management, Blockchain could be

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Saving your favourite restaurant with Ethereum

Crypto currency fan from around the world are looking for ways to make their beloved technology fruitful for the fight against Corona and its overall economic impact. DeFi user Travis Blane presented an interesting proposal to help ailing restaurants. Blane's approach: vouchers based on Ethereum. In a tweet, Blane suggests that restaurateurs issue digital vouchers

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