Hamburg as a venue for innovative blockchain technologies

From 2 to 4 December, the Blockchance conference will take place in Hamburg with over 1,500 visitors, 120 speakers and 150 investors at the Chamber of Commerce. The aim of Blockchance is to educate about the economic and social impact of Blockchain, with a view to a sustainable and positive future. Blockchance Europe brings together

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Adidas follows its immediate competitor

German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas announced that it has entered into a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase. However, the brand is thus not the first in this industry to prepare for the digital world. Nike, its direct competitor, already filed several new trademarks immediately after Facebook announced it was changing its corporate name to Meta.

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Kering Eyewear launches blockchain platform

Luxury eyewear group Kering Eyewear has launched a blockchain-based data exchange platform to enable assessments and traceability in all production processes. V.I.R.T.U.S (an acronym for "verified, integrated, reliable, trustworthy, unique, secure") is a verified, integrated, reliable, trustworthy, unique and secure platform. The data will also make the lifecycle of the product transparent from creation to

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Cardano denotation

Israeli cryptocurrency exchange eToro announced on Tuesday it would denotify Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) for customers in the United States by the end of the year. From 31 December, US users will not be able to open new positions with the token or do any staking with ADA and TRX, and will also only

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“Tagespresse” launches cryptocurrency “Blümel Coin” on the market

Funny cryptocurrencies like the dog-inspired Dogecoin or Shiba Inu are currently booming. The fact that they can temporarily bring it to a market capitalisation of over 70 billion euros says more about the heated crypto market than about the inventors of such coins. The satirical blog "Die Tagespresse" has now also jumped on this trend.

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Whitepaper unveiled for decentralised bitcoin crypto exchange

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of payment service provider Square and Twitter, published a whitepaper last Friday outlining Square's plans for a decentralised crypto exchange called tbDEX. According to the paper, tbDEX, which is designed to trade bitcoin (BTC), has several features that make it less of a classic decentralised crypto exchange (DEX) in order

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Platform aims to revolutionize concert ticket market with blockchain and NFTs

Centaurify aims to solve the problem of illegal concert ticket sales and give artists control over their independence in the music scene. It will eliminate the need for middlemen and protect musicians' fans from rip-offs. A blockchain-based solution that uses non fungible tokens (NFTs) as a substitute for sold tickets aims to address this problem.

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Deka successfully tests securities lending on new blockchain platform

Bankhaus Metzler and Deka have for the first time carried out a securities transaction without pre-collateralization in real time. For this, the two partners used Deka's new securities platform, which is based on blockchain technology. The platform is called Secure Worldwide Interbank Asset Transfer (SWIAT for short) and was developed together with Comyno, a software

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The topic of blockchain has been shaping discussions in the IT scene for years.

Blockchain - the term and the topic have been the cause of ideologically heated discussions in the IT scene for several years now. While blockchain technology now seems to be making practical inroads in some branches of industry, the public sector is only hesitantly approaching the topic. One of the driving forces is the cooperative

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Bitcoin’s blockchain network implements Taproot softfork

Bitcoin's (BTC) blockchain network has successfully implemented Taproot softfork, with 90% of miners and mining pools giving the appropriate consensus between blocks 709,488 and 709,632. This gives Bitcoin the biggest upgrade since the Layer-Two_Network Lightning and Segregated Witness (SegWit) mechanism, were introduced in 2017. The new Taproot upgrade improves the Bitcoin network's privacy by adding

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