He can’t let it be!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Bitcoin probably have a more volatile on-off relationship than many stars. Especially after the last price slump due to Tesla's withdrawal from Bitcoin payments, few probably expected Musk to change his mind again. He had sat down with miners and discussed the issue of sustainability. The miners are willing

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Agriculture is going digital!

The blockchain is so much more than just bitcoin. Behind the technology there are many ways to simplify the processes that are beneficial to most companies. The technology has also already arrived in agriculture. A company that rents out tractors has now introduced the technology to simplify the process and ensure 100 percent transparency for

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Blockchain series

The series maker of the popular show "Rick and Morty" is tackling the blockchain with his next project. The new "Krapopolis" series is to be marketed using blockchain technology and is thus a forerunner in the series industry. The idea is to set up a kind of digital fan shop where unique background images and

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Trust in the blockchain!

The blockchain is revolutionizing the trust-building process in the economy enormously and the annual growth in the years 2020 to 2025 is estimated at 70%. Especially in the real estate and ticket industry or in areas where trust is the basis of a settlement process, the blockchain is already convincing with its numerous advantages. In

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Performance overview!

Ethiopia launches pilot project for digital ID cards for students and teachers. The project is part of the digitization strategy and is intended to contribute to the development of a national ID system. The digital ID cards are stored on the blockchain so that workflows and security are simplified. Teachers can create and manage class

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Diagnosis: positive!

Blockchain technology offers great potential in the healthcare sector and is therefore receiving more and more attention. The complexity of our system makes it difficult to digitize processes and the blockchain could help. It offers easier organization, more transparency and still guarantees data protection and control over the patients' own data. The blockchain also speaks

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