Ether over BTC?

Bitcoin is now known to almost everyone. But there is one cryptocurrency that many underestimate: Ether. Currently, the market capitalization of Ether is more than 200 billion dollars! This makes this digital currency the second largest cryptocurrency. Ether can do much more. Ethereum is also a platform for decentralized applications, which is considered by many

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More regulation in the market?

Wolf of Wallstreet Legende Jordan Belfort recently revealed in an interview with Coindesk that he believes the crypto market would benefit from more regulation. His assessment is based on experience with junk bonds. At that time, these bonds had a bad credit rating, and only by regulation did they become a significant market. But Belfort

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Stablecoin in danger!

The U. S. judicial authorities are currently investigating the executives of the stablecoin operator called Tether. They’re being blamed for bank fraud. The US judiciary suspects that Thether kept the banks secret that they were involved in transactions involving cryptocurrency. However, this accusation could have consequences for the stablecoin market. Trust in the stablecoin market

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Amazon’s crypto plans

The e-commerce giant Amazon wants to accept cryptocurrencies as an official means of payment from this year. Coins and tokens are very high on Amazon's agenda, as they are expected to play an essential role in shaping the company's future. The company is said to have started working intensively on cryptocurrency solutions as early as

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Is Elon bringing hope again?

Recently, head of Tesla and SpaceX announced that it will look good for Bitcoin in his companies again. “Tesla will most likely accept Bitcoin again (as a means of payment)”, he said. As a result, the Bitcoin price has risen quite a bit again. Many benefit from this, while others call him (again) as a

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Incident in Malaysia

In recent days, a video of the Malaysian authorities has been circulating on the Internet. You can see a road roller driving over several Bitcoin miners and literally flattening them. The reason for this: On the Malaysian island of Borneo, 1069 Bitcoin computers were operated with stolen electricity. The amount of electricity related to 2.

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Using artificial intelligence to combat climate change

The use of artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities, especially in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. Hardly a day goes by without us being made aware of the consequences of climate change. The increase in floods or droughts is clearly noticeable worldwide. At the same time, illegal deforestation and the loss of biodiversity

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Digital identities for EU citizens

A new proposal from the European Commission in Brussels says that all Europeans should have a digital identity. EU citizens would then be able to prove their identity and share electronic documents from European digital identity wallets with a few clicks via smartphone. In the future, the national digital identity card should be able to

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New laws for new opportunities?

Plans for laws for the crypto market are currently being drafted in the European Parliament. The aim of these laws is to establish a common legal framework for cryptocurrency. Customers should therefore be protected in the event of technical errors, fraud or cyber attacks. The providers of crypto-currency or services would have to be held

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