Insurers must see blockchain as an opportunity

A variety of blockchain applications are conceivable in the insurance industry. They offer enormous transformation potential for the industry and could turn the business model of insurers upside down in the long term. Blockchain applications could improve the "customer journey" for consumers and provide efficiency gains for insurers. Insurers should take action for their own

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Blockchain Games: Why Play-to-Earn is the Future of the Gaming Industry

The combination of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens enables a host of new options for game developers. An in-game cryptocurrency drives interest in a game's success from both the game provider and the community. Users can now, for the first time, truly own digital assets acquired in games in the form of NFTs. Gamers

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The American retail giant Walmart sets up Bitcoin machines

More than 200 Bitcoin ATMs have already been set up in cooperation with Coinstar in various branches in the USA. These are to be tested in a pilot project. In addition, more than 8,000 vending machines will follow at other locations. Just recently, the fake news spread that a partnership between Litecoin and Walmart is planned.

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Record height since May at Ethereum

In addition to Bitcoin, which has enjoyed its ATH in recent days, Ethereum is also not far from its. The last time this happened was in May of this year. Reasons for this are, of course, the approval of the Bitcoin ETF, which also has a positive effect on the Ethere Circumference. Also, more and more institutions are interested in NFT. The

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$325 million for blockchain gaming

Venture investor Galaxy Interactive has announced that it has received $325 million from various investors. Co-founder Sam Englebardt sees the interactive sector as “the intersection of content, finance and technology. ”Therefore, the capital is to be invested mainly in Metaverse applications and blockchain gaming. Other investors are also focusing on blockchain gaming and digital entertainment. For example, Bitkraft Ventures launched a $75 million token fund earlier

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How Fractal wants to solve the centralization problem

Today’s Internet has become an oligopoly of several tech companies such as Facebook, Google and others. Recently, when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down for several hours, the dependency on these services became clear. Nevertheless, the number of users is increasing from year to year. Fractal calls this an injustice. The Berlin-based blockchain start-up has

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Insider Reports: Bitcoin ETF Comes

Thanks to inside information that leaked the SEC’s upcoming ETF decision, the price of bitcoin is rising rapidly. According to Bloomberg, this probably won’t block the introduction of a Bitcoin ETF next week. ProShares and Invesco Ltd. Bitcoin Strategy ETF would be the first to receive the Authority’s approval. This one, like many other candidates,

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Jaguar Land Rover ensures quality via blockchain.

The cryptographically created data records of blockchain technology not only serve the decentralised and tamper-proof transfer of currencies, but can also make supply chains incorruptibly transparent. The British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is now making use of this in a pilot project with the supplier Bridge of Weir, as well as the government agency Innovate

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Bitcoin (BTC) NFT with Stacks

Layer 2 blockchain Stacks, whose goal is to enable smart contracts and decentralised applications on Bitcoin, now also released BTC-based Non-fungible Tokens (NTF) for the first time. They want to transfer the smart contract functionality to the BTC Blockchain without the need for a fork. Therefore, there is no need to change or adapt the

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Chinese blockchain project BSN expands westwards

Although the Chinese government is not convinced by cryptocurrencies, the underlying blockchain technology is convincing. China sees its characteristics of traceability, uniqueness and transparency as advantages that need to be strengthened. The Chinese company BSN already announced its expansion into South Korea at the beginning of September, and now the company has published two more

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