Digitization and Industry 4.0

The international company RHI Magnesita, based in Vienna, has announced a collaboration with Gerdau, the largest steel company in Brazil. An essential point of the business relationship is the security of the information exchanged between the two companies. That is why the two companies rely on a blockchain technology called Refrac Chain. Thus, the performance

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Is the case still to be stopped?

After the Bitcoin high in mid-April, Bitcoin temporarily reached a value of under CHF 30,000 on June 21. Thus, the Bitcoin has lost about half of its value within 8 weeks. Increasing cyber-attacks on companies and rising inflationary fear in the capital market are not helping the course. Nevertheless, the Spanish bank Banco Bilbao (BBVA)

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Blockchain-based customs clearance

A blockchain-based system is to be introduced for digitized and automated customs clearance. This guarantees a secure storage of documents and processes. The data can therefore be viewed at any time and by any party involved. Currently, the export accompanying document, in particular, is still causing enormous delays, but this could change due to blockchain

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Blockchain in tax administration!

The offices are currently testing a concept for innovative identity management. Current tax processes are still paper-based and thus offer a large target for forgeries and errors. The digital tax ID should now be an efficient solution to these problems. With the digital ID, data about the status and information for the tax office are

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More security with the blockchain!

Blockchain technology offers systems the ability to make security decisions themselves through artificial intelligence. In the event of a hacker attack, the central administration is penetrated and control is taken over. However, the decentralized system of the blockchain complicates this process and makes it almost impossible. Since the technology prevents access, modification and deletion, data

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Blockchain aims high!

On behalf of the company SpaceX, founded by the Tesla boss, two blockchain nodes will be sent into space in June. The ISS already has its own hardware (the “spacechain”) in operation and this is now being expanded with network elements from Ethereum and blockchain. The relocation of the blockchain nodes should make the technology

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