Happy New Year!

The year is slowly coming to an end. It was a super exciting but also exhausting year to get to the point where we as a community are today. We spent a nice Christmas and are now looking forward to the new year full of excitement and anticipation with further innovative projects. We can

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How do Smart Contracts work?

Basically, Smart Contracts are small programs that run on a block chain and are based on a simple if-then function that they can execute automatically. Similar to a classic contract, conditions and actions are defined for this purpose. Smart Contracts benefit from the properties of the block chain and are unchangeable, transparent and do not

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The threat of deepfakes

A Deepfake is a combination of AI technologies for cloning faces and voices to create lifelike computer-generated videos of a real person. Since fraudsters are able to use this technology to manipulate and imitate the facial features and personality traits of people in the real world, there is cause for legitimate concern about its use

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Consortium of major oil companies tests block chain coordination solution for contractors

A group of 10 major global oil and gas companies has successfully tested a block-chain-based system for approving expenditures. AFEs are used in the oil and gas industry to approve capital and expenditure projects and calculate work shares of members of a joint operating agreement. Blockchain technology is expected to significantly reduce the amount of

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Project Phase 2 starting

In addition to the planning of exit strategies of the existing diatomite raw material assets via a blockchain based supply chain (including proof of origin and quality), we work consistently on the further expansion and diversification of the ecosystem. The new approach is now a strategic investment in the metal sector. In addition to

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Versatile application possibilities for environmental protection

Blockchain has the potential to simplify entire industries, trade and supply chains. It saves paper, electricity and the use of recyclable materials, because all necessary documents are digitalised, to which everyone involved has access. With a private block chain, small businesses can trade electricity, gas and renewable energy certificates. Blockchain offers a reliable way to

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Problem solver for the gambling industry

Since many believe that casinos deliberately manipulate the odds and random number generators to rip off players, Blockchain could be the solution through its immutability of records, decentralisation, speed and cost-effective transactions. This will bring fair play and transparency to the industry. The player receives a confirmation code generated via an algorithm, which he can

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Capital accumulation for everyone

Crypto investor Misir Mahmudov believes that Bitcoin has the potential to make asset accumulation through saving worthwhile again. By this accumulation of assets particularly small investors would profit, who are often excluded from other plant possibilities such as shares or real estates. "These days, you can simply accumulate sats and keep your money in a

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Did you know?

The Swiss Blockchain Cooperative and TH Mining AG Switzerland conclude a cooperation agreement. TH MINING AG secures the first area with 8.5 million metric tons volume for the processing and separation of rare earths.

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