Blockchain networks across borders

A rapidly growing blockchain corporate scene was developing in the EU. Around 1,400 companies work with the technology here and Germany is at the forefront with a share of 17%, especially since Germany is also the largest economy in the EU. But smaller countries like the Netherlands and Estonia are also close behind. Smaller states

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Secure email traffic

Email is still one of the most successful means of communication on the Internet. But dangers from spam mail, phishing and manipulation often lurk here. Blockchain technology can counteract the whole thing through its security.When emails are sent with the blockchain, a linked QR code is automatically attached there. The QR code gives the recipient

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Save the trees!

Reduce your carbon footprint with blockchain! The potential of blockchain to have a positive impact on the environment is real. On the one hand, the technology could significantly reduce paper consumption. The need to record data on paper is completely eliminated. On the other hand, many companies use this technology to work on an effective

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Smart contracts

Smart contracts are contracts that are based on blockchain technology and are increasingly being used by companies. Contracts can be verified and enforced digitally without a third party such as lawyers or notaries. Smart contracts enable fast, reliable and credible transactions and increase trust as many computers share the information and verify it independently of

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Patent marathon

Last year around 9.415 blockchain patents were registered, 1.215 of which came from the Chinese company "Ping An". This puts the company at the top of the patent list. Second and third place also come from the Chinese region and fourth place went to the US company IBM. Patent registrations have declined a little in

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With blockchain against spam

Spam and advertising calls are a major problem in telecommunications and India in particular has struggled with them for the past few years. In 2010, a register was introduced for this purpose, on which customers could register if they did not want to be disturbed by such calls. Unfortunately, the registry did not provide an

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Germany makes the race

Many different companies from all over the world took part in a tender to decide who should work on the development of a digital vaccination certificate. In addition to the US giant “Microsoft”, several start-ups also applied. The permission for the development then went to the German company Ubirchs, which will now create the digital

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No risk, no fun?

The US scientist Nouriel Roubini is known for his critical attitude towards the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He is certain that the bubble will burst at some point and, as in 2018, the value will drop radically. In his opinion, the designation “currency” or “asset” is wrong, as Bitcoin offers neither income nor protection. Tesla boss Elon

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