Chainlink nodes consist of two parts: One - Chainlink Core, which is responsible for reading newly established SLAs and forwarding allocations to the Chainlink Adapter; the other - the Chainlink Adapter, which acts as a connection between the node and the outside world. It can read, process and write data to the blockchain. Chainlink could

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Current gold price

The year-to-date low for the gold price was USD 1,680, but by the beginning of August the price had recovered by 7.5% to the USD 1,807 mark. Currently, however, the price is well below this peak again and is quoted at USD 1,762. Is the recently started gold rally already over?        

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The team behind the NEAR Protocol

It is considered one of the best in the industry, the development team of the most developer-friendly platform NEAR, in the field of decentralized applications. Near is a research and development team solely responsible for the development and evolution of the protocol. In order to advance it to the perfect solution for the coming generation

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Bitcoin transaction fee falls to below 1 US dollar

For the first time in more than two years, the Bitcoin blockchain's average transaction fee falls below $1, showing that the network is quite viable for the masses. Despite the fact that the Bitcoin ecosystem has recorded high transaction fees in the past, upgrades such as Lightning Network and Taproot permanently assure faster and cheaper

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The Uniswap Token

The token with the currency abbreviation UNI serves two functions, firstly, coins are used to incentivize investors and secondly, the Uniswap Coin has a governance component. Everyone who owns at least one Uniswap token is allowed to have a say in the further development of the project. However, only investors who hold at least 1

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The Cosmos Network (ATOM)

The long-term goal is to enable the decentralized exchange of data and transactions without the involvement of a third party in the form of an exchange, processing center or trading platform. Cosmos thus competes with the Polkadot network in this sector. Cosmos is backed by the Interchain Foundation and is continuously being designed by a

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The Internet of the future

Web 3.0 is currently still in development, yet it is already said to revolutionize the Internet as we know it. Unlike Web 2.0, it will focus on decentralized applications and make extensive use of blockchain-based technologies. To enable smarter and more adaptive applications, Web 3.0 also makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Blockchain Wallet

There are different types of blockchain wallets available on the market, for example, hardware wallets. These are devices such as USB pens that store private keys for a user. Furthermore, there are also software wallets such as desktop, online and mobile applications that store private keys for all transactions made. What is a blockchain wallet

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From whitepaper to the world’s most important cryptocurrency

In 2008, a whitepaper called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" was published under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto," laying the foundation for Bitcoin as we know it today. Nakamoto himself worked on the development of Bitcoin for two more years after the publication of his whitepaper, mining around one million Bitcoins in the first year

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