Better air quality through blockchain

Ford has now published a three-year series of tests on blockchain technology in connection with vehicles. Thanks to this technology, the vehicles were able to cover around half of their distance purely electrically, thus helping to reduce air pollution. Blockchain acts like a kind of logbook, which registers the route and reacts when the vehicle

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NANOPASTE: Special coating process

NANOPASTE: SPECIAL COATING PROCESS Our unique technology can coat almost any flat surface with a special paste through a modified printing process. With our special coating process, we make flat surfaces heat, cool, glow or darken completely without the use of limited raw materials such as rare earths. Environmentally friendly

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Automatic payment for trucks

A pilot project will test how trucks can automatically carry out payment processes at the petrol pump. The basis of the whole project is the Blockchain technology. Daimler Trucks has been working for some time now to enable trucks to communicate independently with other machines and also to process transactions such as payment procedures. To

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Can Business save the earth? – Investing in innovation and active environmental protection

The use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies is more important than ever. Both our health and our environment benefit from it. Heat, cold, light and electricity in one simple printing process? Is that conceivable? Top quality within minutes, climate-neutral production, cost-effective and durable? For everyone? It is not only conceivable, it is already reality!

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An investment in innovation and active environmental protection

SBG is planning various projects on the subject of investment and sustainability for the future. Today we present one project from this series: "An investment in innovation and active environmental protection" We work consistently on the diversification of the internal ecosystem. The perspective approach is a strategic investment in the energy sector. More details to

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Happy New Year!

The year is slowly coming to an end. It was a super exciting but also exhausting year to get to the point where we as a community are today. We spent a nice Christmas and are now looking forward to the new year full of excitement and anticipation with further innovative projects. We can

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Project Phase 2 starting

In addition to the planning of exit strategies of the existing diatomite raw material assets via a blockchain based supply chain (including proof of origin and quality), we work consistently on the further expansion and diversification of the ecosystem. The new approach is now a strategic investment in the metal sector. In addition to

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Completion of Project Phase 1

Following the completion of project phase 1 with confirmed 5.25 million metric tonnes of diatomite and a verified DCF valuation of CHF 1.1 billion, we closed the process of balancing and phased implementation of mineral assets on the blockchain.

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New Milestone Decentralization

Another milestone is the decision to decentralize our ecosystem. Therefore, we will install a cooperative in Switzerland to promote and develop the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. In the future, we will offer all participants in the QOMX ecosystem the opportunity to participate as a member in our project and in the development and

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