Sustainability in e-commerce

Social responsibility when it comes to sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Mankind must act and rethink its actions. Especially in online commerce, the topic of eco-balance is often discussed. Many online service providers consider sustainable concepts to be unfeasible. However, increasing environmental awareness is forcing online retail to question tried-and-tested structures and re-sketch processes. How

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Why invest in gold?

Gold is one of the oldest means of payment. For centuries, it has had a consistent reputation worldwide as the perfect investment in times of crisis. Germans in particular love the precious metal. Around 75% of the population stated that they own gold in some form or another. If you consider gold a safe haven

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Fighting used car fraud

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) recently announced it has launched an initiative to fight used car fraud with the support of blockchain technology. Primarily, this is about the recurring problem of reset odometers of used cars on the part of sellers, it said. This is done in order to drive up the price of

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Better air quality through blockchain

Ford has now published a three-year series of tests on blockchain technology in connection with vehicles. Thanks to this technology, the vehicles were able to cover around half of their distance purely electrically, thus helping to reduce air pollution. Blockchain acts like a kind of logbook, which registers the route and reacts when the vehicle

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The Internet of Money

There are many books on the subject of cryptocurrency and blockchain, but none has as many positive reviews as "The Internet of Money". It was released at the end of 2019 and explains not only how Bitcoin works, but also why it works. The book contains many short stories that are written like a kind

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Britain vs. cryptocurrency

A British investment advisor is calling for the government to ban crypto transactions. He published a petition for this, hoping to trigger a chain reaction and stop the rise in cryptocurrency. The investment advisor explained that the currency had no intrinsic value and thus posed a destabilizing threat to the economy. He also believes he

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NANOPASTE: Special coating process

NANOPASTE: SPECIAL COATING PROCESS Our unique technology can coat almost any flat surface with a special paste through a modified printing process. With our special coating process, we make flat surfaces heat, cool, glow or darken completely without the use of limited raw materials such as rare earths. Environmentally friendly

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40,000 dollar mark broken!

On Thursday, Bitcoin, the oldest and best-known cryptocurrency, continued its record chase accompanied by strong price fluctuations - and exceeded the 40,000 US dollar mark for the first time. Previously, the record levels of 20,000 dollars (mid-December) and 30,000 dollars (beginning of January) had fallen within a few weeks.

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