How is the value of crypto currencies formed?

Crypto currency is understood to be digital currencies that are intended to be used for payment transactions. For the evaluation of the individual currencies a conversion into classical central bank money, such as US dollars, is required. As soon as the value can be measured in a central bank currency, speculation with cyptocoins is also

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What is the 51% attack about?

Mining of crypto currencies can be associated with problems or dangers, often of a technical nature. One of the best known risks is the 51% attack. To understand the 51% attack, it is helpful to know what the Bitcoin infrastructure looks like: It consists of elements like miners, user interfaces, nodes and users with wallets.

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Bitcoin price rises strongly

The Bitcoin exchange rate rose to over USD 10,000 within an hour and reached a new monthly high of USD 10,315. This high came after a rather dull close of the week when the top digital asset on CoinMarketCap was able to climb over an important multi-year downward trend line. The Bitcoin price showed strength

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What is the BPI?

In the stock market, certain stocks are combined within an index. The index represents the average price of the shares included. The Bitcoin Price Index, which is abbreviated BPI, works in a similar way. How does an index work? You may already be familiar with various indices on the stock market, but what they all

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Can Bitcoin transactions be tracked?

Many people wonder whether Bitcoin is anonymous or not. Blockchain technology is a publicly accessible database that allows anyone to track all transactions ever made at any time. However, the respective addresses consist only of numbers and letters, they are alphanumeric. With a little analytical skill or the necessary basic technical knowledge, it is then

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Blockchain could optimise data selection for AI learning

According to the Forbes Technology Council and Brian Platz, block chain technology is an essential part of the AI revolution. Artificial intelligence can easily be seen as a double-edged sword - on the one hand it could be used productively for the good of society, on the other hand there are many corrupt people who

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Store Bitcoin safely on paper

The argument that the custody of Bitcoin is a complicated matter is persistent. However, there are now numerous apps for desktop and smartphone that make creating a wallet child's play. The problem is that since smartphones and PCs are usually connected to the Internet, storing Bitcoin on these devices is associated with an inherent risk.

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How to create a Paper Wallet

Stock market hacks, SIM swaps, the loss of a smartphone or laptop - hot wallets are practical but vulnerable. A paper wallet can help here. At first glance, a Bitcoin address can look like a random combination of numbers and letters. But in fact it can be precisely calculated - from the private key. That

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