From Brussel to Paris at the speed of sound – sounds utopian? But it will soon be possible! A Dutch company is currently testing a capsule train that should travel at speeds of up to 1,200 km / h.    A test track in Toulouse made of steel moves the capsule with the help of electromagnets and the vacuum existing inside the track. Sounds like a lot of energy expenditure, but the amount of energy corresponds to that which is used when switching on a lightbulb. Once the speed is reached, only a fraction of the energy is required for the same speed. The so-called “Hyperloop” would not only be a faster alternative to flying and taking the train, it would also be more climate-friendly. Amazingly, this idea is not new! The first proposal for such means of transport came as early as the 19th century. The goal is now to transport the goods by 2025 and the first passengers by 2028 with the “Hyperloop”. Because such a capsule train is not only environmentally friendly, but also definitely user-friendly if you think about the punctuality of previous modes of transport.