The telecommunications company Telefonica has set up a support programme for start-ups in the fields of Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) via its innovation hub Wayra (Munich).

As an early-stage investment arm, Wayra now assists technology-oriented start-ups and focuses on a “venture client” model, where the parent company Telefonica acts as a customer for the products of the start-up companies. To participate, selected Wayra block chain start-ups will receive access to Telefonica’s TrustOS modules for the development of their products. This is a hybrid solution for combining public and private networks with a focus on high scalability. An application portal of the activation program makes it possible for interested start-ups to register until 22 June.

The Telefonica company has been involved in the block chain world for a long time. Since January, the company’s own hyperledger-based block chain has also been usable by around 8,000 companies in the Spanish home market of the globally operating group.

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