Tokenize all the things?! Few have thought this motto through as consistently as Adam Kokesh. The libertarian candidate for the US presidential election wants nothing less than to tokenize the state. Kokesh is no friend of central government, after all, it would only restrict personal freedoms and slow down economic development. His election campaign therefore insists on a single demand. He wants nothing less than “the orderly dissolution of the government”. The crypto-currency now presented plays an important key role in this.

The US Federal Government, the state fiat currency, as well as the Federal Reserve Bank should soon be a thing of the past according to Koksh’s will. In their place, the state crypto-currency, baptized AmeriCoin, is to be introduced. The AmeriCoin is supposed to be structured like the Bitcoin. At the same time, the plan provides for the crypto currency to be covered by various assets of the US government. These include, for example, state-owned land and various mineral resources.