The use of artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities, especially in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. Hardly a day goes by without us being made aware of the consequences of climate change. The increase in floods or droughts is clearly noticeable worldwide. At the same time, illegal deforestation and the loss of biodiversity are progressing rapidly. Artificial intelligence has enormous potential to help people manage the planet sustainably.

Efficient waste management and the associated waste separation are among the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Here, too, the use of AI can make a difference. One start-up in particular is tackling this issue. They are developing intelligent waste containers that automatically separate the waste into different fractions and compact it in the process. A built-in fill level sensor informs the waste management company as soon as the container is full enough. The intelligent waste management system is the ultimate tool for saving time and labour while ensuring resource-efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal.