Crypto currency fan from around the world are looking for ways to make their beloved technology fruitful for the fight against Corona and its overall economic impact. DeFi user Travis Blane presented an interesting proposal to help ailing restaurants. Blane’s approach: vouchers based on Ethereum.

In a tweet, Blane suggests that restaurateurs issue digital vouchers using the Ethereum app Mintbase. Mintbase enables the generation of unique tokens (NFTs). This allows restaurants to create and price their vouchers in token form and then sell them on the internet.

This would greatly simplify the voucher production process. Such vouchers also take advantage of the inherent benefits of Ethereum-based NFTs. They are counterfeit-proof and can be easily passed on. However, anyone wishing to use Mintbase needs a wallet like Coinbase. Blane wants to help small businesses in these difficult times. When asked whether small restaurants and their often non-crypto-savvy operators are even capable of using DeFi applications, he answered: “Everyone should be able to use them. I just think that people should be guided by the hands.”