A financial report from Square Enix, the gaming giant behind global hits like the Final Fantasy series, reveals that it plans to massively expand its efforts regarding blockchain gaming. For example, it said it wants to initiate initiatives to create regulatory clarity and guidelines for blockchain games. Furthermore, they were preparing a second NFT package for the mobile card game Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur. For this, they were currently looking into scaling solutions for the digital collectibles. In addition, the game developer also wants to examine the possibility of “exclusive exchangeable tokens” as well as new income structures. However, it is still unclear whether this will result in a “Square Enix Coin” of its own.

Square Enix’s foray into this area is hardly surprising, however, as the CEO had already announced earlier this year that he wanted to dive deeper into the blockchain gaming sector. Within the gaming community, however, blockchain approaches are met with mixed feelings. While games like The Sandbox or Axie Infinity have already been able to build up a loyal user base, publisher giant Ubisoft reaped a shitstorm with its own NFT collection.