Crypto currency is understood to be digital currencies that are intended to be used for payment transactions. For the evaluation of the individual currencies a conversion into classical central bank money, such as US dollars, is required. As soon as the value can be measured in a central bank currency, speculation with cyptocoins is also possible. This allows the value of crypto-currencies to be quantified.

How is the value of digital currencies calculated?
Any new digital currency placed on the market is fundamentally worthless. A value is only created when demand arises, i.e. when there is someone who wants to buy the crypto currency. This continues seamlessly thereafter, so that the value development depends on the relationship between supply and demand. If there are more people who buy the corresponding currency to be sold as coins, there is usually an increase in value. This principle is already known from the stock market. Demand and supply are responsible for the further development of crypto currencies.

If one speaks about the value of crypto currencies, one should take a look at the fact that the individual currencies can differ considerably in their value. This is shown, for example, by a look at three of the best known crypto-currencies and the market volume of the largest crypto-currencies with their corresponding current value:

– Bitcoins: approx. 16,700 Swiss francs
– Ethereum: approx. 710 Swiss francs
– Litecoin: approx. 300 Swiss francs