Farmers can’t please anyone either! Animals should be kept in a species-appropriate manner, plants should be grown sustainably and ecologically, highest quality is demanded by the consumer and yet very few are willing to pay more for it. Many farmers earn their living with crops such as barley, rapeseed and wheat, which do not offer any space for ecological wild plants. A digital platform has therefore now been founded in Munich. Here, private individuals, companies and organizations have the opportunity to take on so-called flower sponsorships. Small amounts are paid in and in return the farmers can convert a small part of their land into flowering areas. The blockchain technology helps to record all the data of the investors and to carry out the transactions securely. The flowering status and project progress can be viewed by the consumer at any time. The project combines the digitization of agriculture with climate protection and ensures the safeguarding of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. So it’s a good example of how the blockchain can be used for a greener future.