With the investment company LIFULL, financial service provider Securitize has developed a platform for the tokenization of real estate. Japan’s society is now in a state of upheaval. The metropolitan regions of the island state have been growing for years. Thanks to better job prospects, schooling and public services, more and more people are being attracted to the large metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The consequence of the continuing urbanization: In the Japanese hinterland, millions of houses stand empty, and real estate prices are plummeting. To revive the ghost towns, token service provider Securitize has now developed a financing platform for real estate together with LIFULL. It is designed to help providers to tokenize individual residential properties easily and securely. In future, the platform will enable providers to carry out Security Token Offerings (STO) and thus, for example, to carry out renovation work by crowdfunding. In return for an investment, investors receive a certain amount of tokens and thus a kind of digital security of the buildings. If the market value of the property increases, investors can look forward to a higher dividend.