The use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies is more important than ever. Both our health and our environment benefit from it. Heat, cold, light and electricity in one simple printing process? Is that conceivable? Top quality within minutes, climate-neutral production, cost-effective and durable? For everyone? It is not only conceivable, it is already reality!

The basis for this is a modified printing process. In a fully automated production process, almost all flat surfaces can be coated with a special paste and these can be heated, cooled, lit, darkened, become a power storage unit or a solar module, or simply combined with each other!
And the special feature: all necessary “connections” and joints are simply printed along with the paste. In this way, finished products are created in a single operation without complications. It could hardly be simpler or faster. Produce – pack – ship in one day! The best thing about it is that the possible applications are almost unlimited.

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