, the blockchain-based sports platform, wants to make it easier for fans to visit sports events in the future with the help of a Corona Pass. The software will be used to prove the immunity of stadium-goers. With the interruption of every professional league and the postponement of the Summer Olympics into the coming year, the visit to the stadium for fans and sports enthusiasts is moving into the distant future. The consequence: losses in the billions. The Maltese sports platform now wants to save clubs and organisers from imminent ruin. The idea behind the project is simple: Only people who are already immune to the pathogen are allowed into the stadium, so no new infections can occur. In this way, clubs continue to receive the often urgently needed income from tickets and merchandise. Immunity against the corona virus is to be guaranteed by the Socios Pass. The platform stores the test results of the responsible health authority. Socios verifies these and compares them with the users’ identity data.