TalentIDO is a digital platform that aims to revolutionise scouting in football. The heart of the project is the “Sport Passport”. In this, players are to be able to create digital player profiles through easily created smart contracts and share them on the platform. The player profile is divided into three categories:

– Basic data such as age, nationality, physical attributes, etc.
– Achievements and stages e.g. club career, career steps, match data, number of minutes played, victories, defeats.
– Video analysis and social media: match videos, performance analysis, presence in social networks (from this data, the economic value of the player can be derived)

The athletes should thus be able to decide for themselves with which scouts, clubs and associations they want to share their data. After all, the aim of the platform is to ensure that the interests of the players are protected and that talent scouts can trust that the players’ data is verified. In this way, the scouts also have the opportunity to search specifically for talents who meet their requirements.