Why crypto currencies will emerge stronger from the economic crisis

The crypto industry is changing the future. Triggered by the corona virus, the crypto industry is characterized above all by its wider acceptance. More and more frequently, large corporations are publishing plans for crypto currencies and pushing new coins onto the market. Despite positive market developments in recent months, the situation on the stock market

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Better late than never!

It is a foregone conclusion that the block chain technology and with it the token economy will change the financial sector. In light of this realization, the reluctance of many banks is worrying. No bank can be expected to make the transition to block-chain infrastructures overnight. But they can certainly deal with it in depth.

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Chinese insurance companies regulate corona cases by block chain

Since the appearance of the coronavirus, China has been facing challenges. The number of people infected is still rising, and the number of deaths is also steadily increasing. Start-ups have taken initial steps to introduce automatic processing of insurance claims. The startup Xiang Hu Bao has published an extension for a platform. With the help

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The recycling of red sludge

We are consistently working on the further expansion and diversification of the ecosystem and in doing so we are making a strategic investment in the metals sector. Red mud is a hazardous solid etching waste produced during the decomposition of bauxite ore with sodium hydroxide in the Bayer process for the production of alumina. More

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Human rights & Bitcoin donations

In order to protect the identity of its sponsors, the human rights organisation Human Rights Foundation (HRF) relies on the service provider BTCPay. Supporters should thus be offered the opportunity to make anonymous donations. Whether out of modesty, fear of new appeals for donations or the threat of persecution - many donors want to remain

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Bitcoin ATM ban in Germany?

There is currently a lot going on in Germany in terms of crypto. New laws and guidelines concerning Bitcoin and Co. have been in effect since the 1st of January. Banks and financial service providers must apply for a license by the 30th of March. According to an announcement by the German Federal Financial Supervisory

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A chance for democracy

The Blockchain technology is known for its transparency and anti-counterfeiting properties. The trustbuilding component of the technology therefore seems predestined for elections and votes. Fair and secret elections are the backbone of any democracy. Our political system depends on trust in the electoral process. If this trust declines, technical solutions could help to counter accusations

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Protect habitats

Become part of the cooperative and actively support an eco-humane project for the protection of habitats in Bolivia. We plan to acquire approx. 1,600 ha of rainforest, integrate Melipona bee colonies and an option to expand the project to another 3,600 ha. Further information about the project can be found on our website: www.swissblockgeno.ch

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MoHAP presents Blockchain platform for the storage of medical data

The Ministry of Health and Presentation (MoHAP) of the United Arab Emirates, together with other government agencies, has developed a block-chain-based platform for data storage. The platform focuses on the storage and preservation of medical data. The efficiency of intelligent health services is to be increased by using the new storage solution. By using the

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