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How does a cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology are a type of digital currency. They are created by calculating mathematical problems. These calculations are performed and verified by participants in the system. Solving these problems requires enormous computing power, to get this computing power, miners have to be used as computers connected to the system. Because of this,

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What is a cryptocurrency?

The term "cryptocurrencies" describes digital currencies that are based on a blockchain. They are decentralised and can be exchanged without dependence on third parties. Cryptocurrencies have existed since 2009, the best known among them being Bitcoin. Although they have been around for a few years and have gained a lot of popularity in recent years,

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Comeback at Fantom?

The former lead developer and founder of the Fantom Blockchain (FTM), Andre Cronje, has announced his return to the project in a tweet. In response to the latest rumours, the price of the FTM token rose by more than 24 percent. Only last March, Cronje withdrew from his positions in the project together with Fantom's

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Synonym launches mobile BTC wallet

The Bitcoin & Lightning Network service provider has launched a BTC-centric mobile wallet that Synonym says will improve the user experience for holders of BTC and increase adoption of Web3 without requiring the use of complicated blockchain application. It was unveiled at the PlanB Forum in the Swiss city of Lugano. The wallet, called Bitkit,

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ATOM shows strength

The ATOM token was hit hard by the Terra collapse, which makes ATOM's recovery since the crash in May all the more remarkable. Since its low in June, it has risen by around 250 per cent and recently even outperformed BTC and ETH. The planned updates to the fledgling project could make it one of

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An update for Polkadot

Polkadot's existing roadmap is being expanded and enhanced with numerous features around parachain scalability, parachain guidance, parachain development, cross-chain communication and staking. Some of the new features are expected to launch as early as this month, and all new features are expected to be integrated into the roadmap by probably the second quarter of 2023.

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Up more than 400% in one month

While many cryptocurrencies keep posting heavy losses this year, there is one project that offers relatively risk-free and industry-high passive gains. In less than a month, the value of the ArbiSmart token RBIS, has increased by around 400%, despite the current market situation. Analysts even expect RBIS to increase to 30 times its current value

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